Susannah works with children on the set of a movie, television production, commercial or photoshoot, preparing children for when they have to go in front of the camera. She engages the children in prepared games and role-play to aid them in the natural delivery of lines, responses and reactions,  from puzzled faces to angry tantrums, from a loving look to a bored facade, whatever is required. She keeps the children happy and comfortable, she keeps the atmosphere friendly and fun, and she keep the children focused.

"Dainty Sue is invaluable on the set of our films" - Bob Ford, Producer, Loki
Professional child wrangler Susannah is DBS checked, has full public liability, and is a registered chaperone and first aider

If you're a TV, film or photographic producer that doesn't need this possibly stressful activity on-set yourself, do give Susannah a call.

Phone 07899 771 297
In focusing on the children, Susannah is able to free up the director’s time, giving him or her more time to concentrate on other aspects of the production. She is also mindful of creating an atmosphere of excitement and fun to keep the children motivated, interested, and thoroughly entertained throughout the working day.
"Tantrum employed Susannah for a VW shoot involving a number of small children. By entertaining them off camera she kept them at a level that meant they were happy and relaxed but not expending too much energy and therefore "burning out" before being required in front of camera. Sue then, standing off camera, elicited exactly the right response from our children who had to repeat a move over and over again. She completely understood the level of performance we were after and having her with us on the day was extremely helpful. Sue is a lovely intelligent person and I would recommend her very strongly for any shoot involving filming children." - Charlie Watson, producer, Tantrum Productions

"Working with kids on a film set can often be fraught, but with Susannah and her team around the children are relaxed, happy and ready to perform in front of the camera." - Laurie Castelli-Gair, director
Please phone or text 07899 771 297
or you can email Dainty Sue at